Welcome to my blog!

Tech, Cars and more!!

Welcome to my Blog about my day to day adventures any the fun stuff i get up to, everything from Servers, Technology, Cars and travel even my soon to be v-blog.

I have always been tech minded and since the young age of 11 busy learning new tips and tricks, technogy and methods to apply to modern day situations and via this blog i hope to show my passion and share tips and tricks with others who share that passion of technology, innovation and driving the future of immersive technologies.


I set out to make this site to show the challanging projects i do and the fun people i do them with, my view of the world and what i think about issues i see in my day to day life. And as a way to share my passion and thoughts with others.

The Site

One of my rules for my infrastrucure is that only opensource software is used, I myself run Linux on all my systems and proudly can say ive ran Linux for two years already. Technology such as Debian, Nginx, PHP, Bolt CMS and MySQL are what keep that site running stable.

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